On Tuesday, it was made official that Californian's will have quite a decision to make come this fall.  Californians will get to vote on an initiative to split California into three separate states (California, North California and South California).

This initiative raises eyebrows but comes due to many concerns from Californians that feel underrepresented and that the super populated state would be better managed if split into smaller populations.  According to CNN, the author of the proposal, Tim Draper, states the following about the Cal 3 initiative:

"...partitioning California into three states would allow regional communities to make better and more sensible decisions for their citizens to address the state's most pressing issues, including the school systems, high taxes, deteriorating infrastructure and strained government."

Critics argue the split would cost billion of tax dollars.  Additionally, if voted on by the citizens of California, it would then need to get approval through Congress.

So, what if California did split?  Would we see a trend of splitting states across the United States?  Would this spur the split here in Maine?

You may recall a bill from 2010 proposed by Representative Henry Joy of northern Maine to split Maine into two states.  It was rejected by Maine legislation then but the fractures of southern Maine vs. northern Maine still live strong in the state, as seen by sustained economic status' and differing political viewpoints.

What do you think?  If you could vote today, would you vote to separate Maine into a northern half and southern half?

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