Sometimes you think a conversation is headed one way...

Last spring on my way to work, I noticed something in the road that I kind of assumed was roadkill of some nature. Really, I didn't think much of it as it was on the other side of the road. We've all done it. I mean, it was dark still, so I assumed it was a skunk or maybe even a porcupine.

I figured by the time I came back through after work, it'd either still be there or it would be gone. It was right on Route 202 in Hampden, near-ish to the police station. Again, I never thought twice about it, until I saw someone post about it on Facebook a little later on in the morning, on the Maine Wildlife page.

That's when things took an unexpected turn...

I saw the post, where someone was mentioning the location of what turned out to be a dead fisher cat. When I saw it, I assumed it was going to be along the lines of either "someone should clean that up" or "I hate those ghastly beasts", but instead it turned into a discussion about whether or not it was still in good enough shape to have stuffed.

What?!? Yup. That seemed to be the question on one person's mind. Which then prompted other people to start chiming on how much it would cost, where you could get it done, etc. When I see roadkill, typically my first thought is not where can I have this turned into an art piece for my home. I'm not that practical I guess.

Photo via Wayne Burke
Photo via Wayne Burke

Then lo and behold, one guy shows a photo of his stuffed fisher cat that was from roadkill. So apparently this really is a thing. I'm not against this in any capacity, it's just not something I would've thought to do. But Maine is a state of outdoorsy types who'd love to have a stuffed fisher cat. Go figure...

Wayne says: "Look Out!!"
Wayne says: "Look Out!!"

Anyhoo, thanks to Wayne Burke for the killer, or rather killed, photos. He took a minute from boiling syrup to get them to me. That's also about as Maine as it gets.

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