Dominick Varney has been a well-known performer in the Bangor area, on stage for several kinds of plays and with many different theater groups. But one role he wanted to play off stage was himself, or rather, herself.

This Saturday at the Bangor Arts Exchange, we'll get to witness a magnificent and courageous pandemic creation of a real-life story of the man who became Priscilla Pollycocks, a drag queen alter ego of Bangor actor Dominick Varney. This is the story of one man, a performer, who is taking his real-life story of growing up in Maine and bringing his inner diva to fruition to the stage.

'The Making of A Queen' on a Bangor Stage

The show is called 'Priscilla Poppycocks in Livin’ For Drag: The Making of A Queen' and is a unique view into the life of a Maine man finding love and acceptance for himself and a chance for you to review that for yourself. It includes songs and all kinds of drag but, most importantly, is about someone who wants to be true to himself.

Here's the description of the show as listed on the Bangor Arts Exchange Facebook event:

Is she a man, a woman, an alien, a work of art, or a piece of candy? Does it matter? This world premiere musical will have you laughing, crying, drinking, and dancing as this queen reminisces about her journey to the throne and how she learned the most important lesson: Save a little love for yourself, don't you dare give it all away. She’ll have you livin’ for drag while at the same time reflecting on your own path to royalty."

A Pandemic Creation That Made It to the Stage

Creating the show was a group effort and includes music credits to Phil and Harry Burns as well as Director credits to Brad LaBree. But Dominick is credited with book, lyrics and music, as well.

Talking with the director, Brad LaBree, this show has been in the works for about a year and is a personal journey of Varney that is full of humanity:

"Dominick has been writing this one man show for a about a year now. He read it over Zoom for a few of us back in the early days of the pandemic. I thought it was really personal and honest - he kind of let’s it all hang out there (har-har) and so I offered to help him see it along, punch up the jokes and help tell his story. He’s an experienced actor, choreographer and director and this is HIS story,.. The show itself is funny, relatable and touching. Not to mention deliciously sexy and hilariously raunchy. I think audiences will love the music and the intimacy we’re bringing to the stage. Dom is really putting his talents and his journey on full display for a community that he has entertained for decades."

LaBree emphasizes that this is a real story from here in the Bangor area reveals a man who wants to dress in drag, sing some songs and just be himself. It's a personal story but reveals quite a bit of humanity that we can all relate to.

"... this is 100% his (Dominick Varney's) journey. This show is about the creation of the drag persona Priscilla Poppycocks and in telling that story we learn about the person who decided to strap on the heels. His life, his mistakes his successes. It’s told through storytelling, music and a whole mess of drinking."

Doors open at 7:30 PM with the show beginning at 8 PM. If you get your tickets in advance, before 5 PM on Saturday, you pay $21. After that, you'll have to get tickets at the time of performance for $25. There are a limited amount of tickets for this show and it is for all ages.

You will need to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test performed in the past 72 hours prior to Saturday.

See more details about the event including what counts as vaccination proof, at the Bangor Arts Exchange Event page on Facebook.


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