A woman on Reddit is going viral after sharing that she was recently baffled by her boyfriend's audacity when the man pitched a date idea, asking her if she wanted to "cook a nice meal together," only to learn that he had no intention of letting her stay for dinner.

Relationships can be tricky to navigate, but this seems unexplainable after a year of dating.

The unanimous woman shared on Reddit's AITA thread that she had been dating her boyfriend for about a year, he lived in another city, and after traveling to visit him, she stayed the night.

Their time together didn't go as planned, and after a "not so great date" night, he tried to make amends by asking her if she would like to stay the following day to do something they both enjoy — cook together.

That sounds like a darling date idea, right? She thought so, too.

Only, this great date idea came with a caveat – he only wanted to cook with her and had no intention of allowing her to stay for the meal.

Sharing the story on Reddit, the woman explained, "So yesterday I met with the guy I've been dating for the past year. During the date, there was some friction, but we ended up talking it out. I slept at his place since we live in different cities, and the following day he asked me if I wanted to cook a nice meal together."

"This is something we like to do together for fun and would make up for the s----y evening," she continues. "I think he suggested this because he knows I like cooking and spending time with him, so it would make me feel better. Great! Lovely idea. I was very excited to spend some quality time cooking and eating together because we're both foodies."

"So fast forward. We're walking through the supermarket getting groceries for some elaborate 4-hour recipe we're going to make. We're walking past the veggie aisle or something when he suddenly mentions, "By the way, remind me to save you some food so you can have some as well." I'm like, 'Uh, sorry, what do you mean save some food?'"

The woman explains that her date had friends coming over for dinner that evening, and he wasn't planning on her staying for the occasion.

"I got quiet and upset because I was looking forward to spending some quality time with him eating great food, and making up for a not-so-fun date. I also felt stupid and unimportant because of this," says the Redditor.

"He got very irritated with me for 'making assumptions that I would stay over for dinner' and then being quiet and upset and avoidant about it when he told me I couldn't," she explains. I told him I was actually quite upset that he didn't tell me I couldn't eat the dinner I would be cooking with him."

"He'd never asked me to stay for dinner. He'd just asked me to cook dinner with him and forgot to mention that I couldn't stay to eat it," the Redditor angrily admits. "He got mad at me for being upset and therefore avoidant about it."

Who is in the right? Do you side with the boyfriend, who thought this was an appropriate date suggestion or the girlfriend who feels embarrassed and is left with a classic case of "the audacity" story to share? Let PopCrush know by connecting on Twitter at @PopCrush.


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