Planning a vacation can be stressful. One unfortunate husband learned that the hard way when his wife lost her cool and slapped him at Walt Disney World.

According to Orange Circuit Court records, the altercation took place on June 3 at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park. The woman, identified as 31-year-old Westchester, Ill. resident Asia Curry, was charged with domestic violence.

The husband and wife spent the day at the animal-themed park. Around 5PM, as they were getting ready to leave, they reportedly got into a fight in the parking lot.

An Orange County Sheriff's deputy happened to be in the lot working in his police vehicle and witnessed the altercation. Allegedly, Curry put the couple's children into their car before she began swearing and screaming at her husband.

“They began to argue verbally about marital issues related to the stress of their vacation to Disney World," the report states.

The husband reportedly tried to walk away in an attempt to stop the argument. However, the wife followed and spit at him.

“While [he was] walking up to the patrol car, Asia then slapped him with an open hand on the back of his head. At which point the parties were separated and spoke with Orange County deputies,” the deputy wrote in the report.

The report states Curry told authorities she slapped him because he "deserved it."

The husband was not injured and did not want to press charges against his wife, however, she was arrested and taken to jail.

Curry is scheduled to be arraigned on Aug. 17. Additionally, Disney has banned her from all Walt Disney World Resort properties.

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