Winter is coming.

The first day of Winter 2020 is scheduled to arrive today. Not that we have an option. How about the first day of winter IS today.. Due to the tilt of the Earth’s axis, it also happens to be the shortest day of the year. The longest night. Maybe we'll get to see the Christmas Star tonight.

Also known as the winter solstice.

Winter sports should help our moods, especially during the pandemic that rolls on. NBA starts tomorrow. Go Celtics. And the Bruins should get going within a month. They’re scheduled for a shorter season beginning mid – January. I know with all that we’ve dealt with in 2020 time is hard to measure, but it feels like a year since I’ve watched an NHL game. Hockey is a great plus for any winter. Hopefully this winter, we’ll be entertained, and win the last game of the season.

Winter in Maine is all about weather of course. Farmer’s Almanac predicts a Polar Coaster. Like the name suggests it’ll be an up and down all around ride this winter. Cold. Mild. Snow. Rain. Don’t like it, wait a bit, it’ll change. Then come back. We’ve already missed a major storm or two. Last week when Albany and Binghamton and other New York State cities got over 3 feet of snow, and we got 3 inches is rare. But anyone think our day isn’t coming?

If you tend to feel cooped up in winter, get outside more and move. It’ll help the mental health outlook. And if that’s hard to accept, start the count down to spring, which will begin Saturday March 20th, 2021. Sure seems like a lot way off, doesn’t it.

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