It was weird having 70 degree days with snow on the ground.

It's not like it's an uncommon sight in Maine... Spring has sprung and the air is finally getting warm, but there are still spots, especially out in the sticks, where some patches of snow just don't wanna let go. Granted, I'm not foolish enough to believe that Mother Nature won't give us one last little bit of the white stuff, but I'd like to think it's on the way out.


On the other hand, a quick look around my yard still shows several spots that just don't want to give up. I mean, I admire their tenacity, but I'd rather just see a complete field of brown at this point than the crappy, dirty, dog pee covered snow I see off at the edge of the yard.


I always declare May 1st the real first day of spring.

Well, at least in my mind. Only one time can I recall, that there was any snow on the ground in May. I remember about ten years ago, I still had one little patch left, so i kicked it into the sunny part of the yard. Thus, effecting my own official end to winter. But typically it's all gone by then.


In the back woods of my property, there's even more. So it's hard for me to feel like winter is totally over. There's still a couple spots where it's a few inches deep, where the plow guy left a 7-foot bank over the winter. And that is the weirdest part to look at. Several days of near summer-like temps still didn't completely eradicate the snow.

Oh well. It won't be long now, before we're all complaining about the heat and having the audacity to say things like, "God, I can't wait for winter to get here"...

I bet what everyone really loves about these towns is their lack of snow, haha.

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