The Eddington Salmon Club will be hosting Shad Days 2022 at their location at 4 Riverside Drive in Eddington to celebrate the comeback of Maine's Shad population and to have a good excuse to do a little fishing during the festivities.

The event will take place Saturday, June 11 from 7 AM - 2:15 PM and will begin with a pancake breakfast at 7 AM. Kids under 12 eat free, $8 for adults.

A celebration for the American Shad

The event is all about educating people about the American Shad, the restoration efforts that have taken place on the Penobscot River for this fish species, and the effects of restoration that have led to thousands of American Shad returning to the Penobscot annually.

An action plan compiled in 2016 available at shares this species decline due to various environmental factors including storms and flooding of streams and rivers, being overfished, and blocking spawning activities due to dams and water management use, amongst many other factors.

According to information from, this time of year is when the Shad return to the rivers to spawn. They are known as 'the poor man's tarpon' and are known for their feisty nature and for their ability to leap out of the water.

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Eating pancakes, fishing, and maybe winning a canoe!

The event will also include a raffle on a refinished canoe. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the event or by sending a message to the club on their Facebook page.


Check out the discussion and up-to-date details about the event at the 'Shad Days 2022' event page on Facebook.

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