Rebranding can be a challenge.

Every now and then, a company needs to re-position itself to either get with the times, or to grow larger, or any other number of reasons. But you can bet when you have a nationally established brand, when the talk of a re-brand comes up, the decision is likely pretty thorough and not taken lightly at all.

Could you imagine Coca-Cola changing their name to CC? Or C-Cola? Anything else would seem like a crazy idea. But sometimes it works out. Remember when the WWE lost its court case and had to switch from the WWF, which was granted to the World Wildlife Fund. People accepted the change and moved on.

Christmas Tree Shops is undergoing just such a re-branding.

Maybe you've noticed, there are little signs outside the Bangor location that just say 'CTS'. This is the name that company is moving towards. The news about it actually came out a while back, but on the other hand, there didn't seem to be much action around changing the name around Maine. Turns out the rest of New England won't see much action on that front either.

According to Forbes, CTS as a company is under new ownership, but will keep their stores in the Northeast branded the way they always have been, due to the longstanding "geographical history". In other words, they get how us New Englanders operate... No matter how much they change, we'll always only ever refer to it at Christmas Tree Shop.

You can take the name away from the store, but you can't take it away from the Mainers. So it looks like all our store fronts will look the same. At least for now. You know how it goes, someone will change their mind eventually. But we get to keep our stuff just as it is.

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