Maine is experiencing some late summer weather but will it be the hottest day ever recorded in Bangor for this time of year?

Dan Kitwood, Getty Images
Dan Kitwood, Getty Images

It sure is warm out for it almost being October! Don't get us wrong, we are not complaining, but this is an unusual occurrence.

Looking at record temperatures from the past in Bangor from Intellicast, temperatures could beat the hottest recorded temperature for this day in Bangor. According to records the hottest recorded temperature on September 25th in Bangor was in 2007 with a whopping 87 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is very close to where we are predicted to be at today which is quite a difference from our annual average temperature for this day in Bangor which is a seasonable 66 degrees Fahrenheit. Its a long way from the coldest recorded temperature of 30 degrees Fahrenheit in 1992!

The statewide annual average high for September is 69 degrees Fahrenheit and the hottest temperature ever recorded in Maine in September was 97 degrees Fahrenheit in 2002. I wonder if we will beat that!?

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