The wife of a man charged with attempted murder for an alleged robbery-gone-bad in Trenton has also been arrested.

Sherry and Larry Smith of Milbridge are accused of breaking into a Trenton home on December 20th and attacking two men. The Hancock County Sheriff's Office says it's believed they were looking for money and drugs when they allegedly stole two safes. Both men who were in the residence were shot, with one crawling to a neighbor's house for help. Now, officials say Sherry Smith allegedly stabbed one of the men.

Husband and wife were taken to a local hospital on December 20th, after crashing their vehicle in Holden. Larry Smith was arrested the next morning, when he was released from the hospital, and charged with attempted murder and robbery. His bail was set at $250,000 cash, but he remains incarcerated. At that point, Sherry Smith was still hospitalized.

The Ellsworth American reports Sherry Smith was arrested on December 29th and charged with aggravated attempted murder and robbery. She was taken to the Hancock County Jail.

Both men who were in the Trenton home have survived their injuries.

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