Kat Von D is closing up her iconic Hollywood tattoo shop and moving to Indiana for good.

On Tuesday (Oct. 26), the tattoo artist-turned-musician revealed that she is closing her "beloved" High Voltage Tattoo shop in Los Angeles. LA Ink fans will recall that the shop was featured on the TLC show for seven seasons beginning in 2007, after Von D left Miami Ink due to a cast member dispute.

"As some of you know, we recently purchased a beautiful home on a bit of land in rural Indiana, and the more time we spend out there we realize we feel more at home there than we do here in LA," she wrote on Instagram.

The shop will close permanently Dec. 1 and the team will be celebrating the "HvT legacy" by tattooing regularly until its closure. Appointments are booking up quickly, so schedule quickly if you are interested in getting a piece done by the High Voltage artists before it closes for good.

Von D noted that she will be "permanently" moving to Indiana by the end of 2021 and that she also plans to sell her Los Angeles home.

But will Kat Von D tattoo again? Thankfully, the artist revealed that she will most likely open a new private tattoo studio after she finishes her home remodel in Indiana.

Over the years, Von D has worked on celebrity clientele including Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Dakota Fanning, John Mayer, Eminem, Rihanna and Ewan McGregor. She even tattooed Lil Wayne's face. Most of her tattoo work took place at her West Hollywood location.

Kat Von D married Prayers band member Leafar Seyer in February 2018. They welcomed a child, Leafar Von D Reyes, in December the same year.

Aside from her new music career, Von D has also gotten into architecture and home restoration over the last several years.

"I'm a huge junkie for architecture, especially Victorian," she told Stage Right Secrets earlier this year. "The house that we have here in Los Angeles was built in 1890 and I've spent the last six years basically restoring it."

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