Peak Millennial Humor

I have decided that the best part about the millennial generation being solidly in adulthood is that meme culture is now part of the mainstream.

It's Gonna Be May

Late 90s/early 00s boyband NSYNC was huge back in the day. One of those hits being It's Gonna Be Me.

Justin Timberlake of the band sang the line, "It's gonna be me" but the way he pronounced "me" sounded like "May."

According to Know Your Meme, a Tumblr user created a meme back in 2012 bringing this to light with a photo of Justin and the caption "It's gonna be May".

Months later a similar meme made the rounds of a calendar and May 1st featured one of the memes of Justin's face. Then BuzzFeed shared it and it's been reappearing in various forms every year around this time since.

Extended Forecast

Now, Mike Slifer, News Center Maine meteorologist couldn't let the opportunity slide. The seven-day forecast included May 1st so he slid in a photo of Justin Timberlake. Those who 'got it' loved it!

So gear up for some sun, a little breeze, and a touch of a pop superstar. Coming up this weekend, it's gonna be May.

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