There's always that one person (or in this case it could be a few people) that has to ruin it for everyone else! According a story put out Monday by WABI-TV5, someone stole over a hundred whoopie-pies from a booth at the Skowhegan Fairgrounds Saturday night. The perps also plowed through a fridge full of cookies and iced-tea and did some damage to some of the containers and utensils.

Other than Cookie Monster, who steals that many baked goods?! I mean seriously!

WABI reported that the Director of the Skowhegan Lions Club, John Youney, has said that if the baked-good burglar or burglars come forward and confess, they can have the option of working off all those sweets by volunteering for the Lions club.

It's said, all in all, that there was about a thousand dollars worth of damage and stolen goods, so volunteer work is getting off light, in my opinion. I only hope the hungry hoodlums come forward and do the right thing. That would sit well in my belly...better than the thought of snack-stealers roaming the streets of Skowhegan!

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