The open office plan was introduced as a way to increase the team feel of the work place that includes lots of sharing and basically no privacy.

Some people really aren't into that.  Like, me.

I've had the opportunity to work in both environments but mainly the closed offices.  I will say that both environments have their positives.  I really like the sense of community an open office provides.  I also appreciated, as a new person in an open office environment, the ability to eaves drop on other peoples conversations to be able to understand the norms of the office but also learn more about how to do my job, to adjust easier by observing.

Ultimately, my preference is having a quiet, personal space where I can focus on my own work, not be distracted by conversation and, in some ways, not have my vibe be inundated by others.  I do really enjoy walls.

Marketplace recently showed how far people will go to have those walls, even paying $500 a month for that space instead of staying in an open office environment and avoid the co-mingling.

What's your thoughts?  Walls or no walls?

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