Scientists around the world have been solving problems that are crucial to the betterment and progression of knowledge for mans quest to rule the universe.  But one question confounds us all...

What makes a sexy dance?

Scientists in the UK conducted a study to see what is most attractive in dancing.

The study, published by Scientific Reports, had 39 women do a dance that was captured with motion-capture technology.  These motions were created into virtual avatars that then would be watched and rated by additional both male and female study participants.

The results concluded that:

dances were rated more highly if they contained more hip swing, more asymmetric thigh movements, and moderately asymmetric arm movements.

Here's a video from the study using a motion-capture avatar to show you what they are talking about.  This video shows what is considered a good dance.

And this is an example of a bad dancer:

So what makes a sexy dancer?  Own it!  Be confident with your moves, be right on with your rhythm and wave those arms.

But, this might be a little much, though.

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