Of the many questions on people's minds when they see this headline, one of the first to pop into my head was, "Who is going to be working while these ladies all have their babies?!"

This week, a story came out about nine Labor and Delivery nurses from Maine Medical Center who are all expecting babies within a few months of each other. The nurses say they are excited to know they will all be in good hands, as their co-workers will likely be the ones who tend to them while they have their babies. And I have to admit, that does seem like a really cool thing.

A couple of other thoughts I had when I first saw this story include; is baby fever contagious? Perhaps scrubs are super sexy to some guys (which I can see because these ladies all look adorable in theirs.) It has been a cold and boring winter...maybe that's what's up? But nine co-workers all pregnant at the same time? That seems like a very rare thing to me. Especially given what they do for work!

Either way, its really cool that these ladies will have this unusual story to go with their births, and also the empathetic support of their co-workers. And that these babies will have pals who's mom's all do the same thing. Wait, there's an idea! A Labor and Deliver Day Care for these nurses! Pretty neat.

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