According to our friends over at the Portland Press Herald, you might want to avoid the names Noah and Emma if you're expecting a newborn any time soon.

Unless, of course, you want your kid to be 1 of 6 in a class of 18 named "Noah."

The Associated Press and the PPH recently published the 10 most popular baby names both in Maine and around the country, based on data from the Social Security Administration.

In 2016, these were the 10 most popular baby names for boys and girls nationwide:

Social Security Administration
Social Security Administration

A few interesting facts about this new list...

Several different variations on the spelling of the name Caitlyn (Caitlin, Katelynn and Kaitlynn) all dropped off the top 1000 list.

The boys' name Elijah also landed on the list for the first time ever.

And if you think Emma is a cute new name, think again... Emma topped the list of names for newborn baby girls way back in 1880!

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