Westbrook Police are looking for a person who's pictured at the scene of a triple-fatal crash earlier this week.

In a post on the Department's Facebook page, Westbrook Police shared a picture taken at the scene of Tuesday's crash that shows an unknown man standing at the driver's window of the silver sedan, in which three people died. They believe the person may have witnessed the accident, but left the scene before police arrived. Police stress that they don't suspect the person of any wrongdoing, but would like their input on the events leading up to the crash.

The silver taxi and a pickup truck collided on County Road in Westbrook early Sunday morning. Police are still working to determine exactly how the accident happened. The driver of the cab and his two passengers were killed, while the driver of the pickup was taken to the hospital with unspecified injuries.

Anyone who witnessed the accident is encouraged to call Officer Brian Glasser at (207) 854-0644, Extension 2511.

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