Looks like the square stay the same for a while longer.

Last week it was announced that a new West Market Square might be on the way. Complete with new lighting, brickwork and width. However it looks like those plans have been put on hold.

Last night Bangor City Council voted to put the improvements on hold. The city says the $800,000 project will have to wait as their are larger projects in the works already. One part of the West Market Square update will move forward, the aging utility infrastructure under the square.

Water, sewer and electricity lines under the square are needing an update. It's an improvement the city has wanted to tackle for a while. The infrastructure update will cost $455,000. The update is a needed one, as under the square lies the city's oldest sewer lines that are well over a century old.

Don't get too bummed out. The work that will be done was a part of the original project, the ascetic portion is just coming later down the road. However, when the city is ready for the ascetic portion it could cost an extra $100,000. That's the estimated cost of resurfacing the square twice. One for the utilities upgrade and twice for the rest of the project.

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