Octavia Bishop is self-taught. She is incredible...


Octavia has been paiting all her life and is now doing what most of us hope to achieve. Doing what she loves and making a living at it. She loves not only painting, but making videos of her work. I'm a fan too.

She's been painting since she was in kindergarten. Even at that young age, she knew she had a knack for it. Plus, she loved watching people's reaction to her art. She got serious about it when she lived in Australia for a few years. That's when she made a committment to herself to do it full time. What a great choice! She finds that her painting has gotten better over the years and she loves the evolution of her work.

I find watching Octavia create something magical on a wall of a lucky human, soothing. I could watch them over and over again. Don't believe me? Watch Octavia paint peonys on a wall.

I have watched that video at least 4 times. I'll probably watch it a couple more times today. I just love, love, love watching her. The kitty was her favorite part.

Then there is Tangled meets Frozen - I don't know who is lucky enough to wake up to this every day, but yes...I'm jealous.

I'll keep putting up her videos, because for 2020...this is my happy place.