You have no idea how many times I re-wrote that headline so it would somehow make sense. And even then, I'm not sure it does. You really just have to watch the video to see the magic taking place here.

Originally, I saw this on the Maine AF Facebook page, and I contacted the person who shot the video right away. Jorge Malone caught the footage earlier today here in Bangor. He told me this by email:

... it was right on Ohio St and Griffin Rd. The middle truck broke down halfway up the hill, and the dodge with the boat started pushing until they couldn’t go anymore at the intersection! I laughed for about 10 minutes because I saw smoke, and drove to the turn lane, saw the situation, and decided to watch it unfold in the parking lot.

Honestly, I would've done the same thing. Because as you watch it unfold, you wonder whose crazy idea this was?! It seems to be a comedy of errors that just wouldn't stop. First you see the truck in front struggling, then you see the trailer with the thing on the back... But to cap it off with the guy in the truck towing the boat trying to push the truck up the hill?!?! Priceless.

This video may have completely changed my day in a good way. Some days you get out of bed and just wanna crawl right back in. But this made me chuckle right out loud. And prompted me to pull other co-workers in to scope the video.

Anyway, hopefully this helped make your workday a bit more bearable. I know it did mine. And thanks again to Jorge Malone for catching this amazing feat of auto-lunacy.

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