Now THIS is old school, Bangor!

Any old school Mainer remembers LaVeriere's Super Drug Stores. At its peak, the company operated more than 70 stores in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Aside from the pharmacy, the stores sold general items, as well as toys and Halloween and Christmas decorations. In the 1980s, some LaVerdiere's locations featured an arcade, called Action Family Arcade. The company was purchased by Rite Aid, back in 1994.

I spent many a teenage afternoon there in the Action Family Fun Arcade. We always had a plan. Walk from the tree streets in Bangor, up Broadway, hit LaVerdiere's arcade, fill the Air Hockey machine with about twnety bucks full of quarters, proceed to do battle and annoy everyone else in the room, then walk up Broadway, allllll the way to the Dairy Queen, fill the jukebox up with even more quarters playing the hits of the day, then ordering a 'Full Meal Deal" which consisted of a braiser burger, fries, a soda, then best of all, a hot fudge sundae. About 90 percent of my paper route money was spent this way back in those days.

I also have another fond memeory of LaVerdiere's, because one of my childhood buddies, Mark, worked at the downtown location when he was a junior at bangor High School, Boy did we give him a had time whenever he put that lame smock on.

LaVerdiere's were always famous for their Halloween and Christmas TV ads, and through the magic of YouTube, we found two spooky ads from 1989 and 1992.

You know you're from Bangor when ...

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