Monday was the first day that Mainers were no longer required to wear masks if they are fully vaccinated and many Maine businesses dropped their mask requirements for customers. Monday was also the first day that the State House was opened to the public in more than a year and Maine Legislators returned to their desks. However, a rule by the Legislature was in place, still requiring face masks to be worn in the Capitol Building.

When seven State Representatives arrived for the day on Monday, they were stopped at the security entrance by a Capitol Police Officer for not wearing masks. A video of the incident was posted to Facebook by Rep. Laurel Libby, who was one of the seven Representatives stopped.

The video shows the officer respectfully explaining that they cannot enter without masks. "Your leadership said that you need to wear a mask," the officer told the legislators. "So we are asking that you wear a mask beyond this point...If you go beyond here, then leadership will be responsible for what you do."

At that point, the legislators asked to speak with House Speaker Ryan Fecteau and were told he wasn't available. Shortly thereafter, Rep. John Andrews of Paris walked past the Capitol Police Officer saying he was going to his desk. The other six legislators eventually followed.

According to the Press Herald, House Speaker Ryan Fecteau later removed the Representatves from their House committees.

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