Just imagine being a little kid having fun out in the snow, only to have the Chief of the town's police department grab a sled and then climb up to the top of the hill to join you.

That's exactly what happened yesterday in the town of Baileyville in Washington County!

Now according to the Facebook post, Bob Fitzsimmons, who is the Chief of the Baileyville Police Department, received a call from a concerned truck driver that a couple of kids were sledding a little too close to the road for his comfort. This is where our fun loving police Chief sprung into action.

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When he arrived at the scene, he decided to show the kids the safest route down the small hill, and what better way to do so then grabbing a sled himself and hitting the slope.

It's hard not to crack a big time smile when you hear the cute little girls let out a laugh as Chief Fitzsimmons loses his footing and then slips and falls backwards onto his bum and into the snow.

We think that this is fabulous, and what a role model for the children!

Mr. Fitzsimmons and his department are well known for being a part of the Baileyville community, and have impressed us before when they decided to serve up 239 hot dogs during a makeshift drive-bye cookout on a Saturday just to see the townsfolk in the middle of a pandemic.

Good job everyone, and thanks for making us smile as well today!


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