During my vacation, while I was browsing through YouTube, I came across some live cams in Brownville Maine of deer being fed. The cams were put up by Richard McMahon at his non-profit organization called Brownville's Food Pantry For Deer. It's his effort to help sustain the deer herd through the winter when it becomes more difficult for them to find food. The cameras are on 24-7 and I find them very fascinating to watch.

With several dozen deer coming each day to eat the oats, fruit and acorns McMahon puts out in the troughs daily, sometimes things get a little crowded. And sometimes bucks are going to be bucks and break out into a fight. Push comes to shove and then a fight breaks out. That's exactly what happened recently when two bucks started to get into it.

I had never seen deer fight before. I know that typically deer fight during "the rut," the mating season. That peaks in the middle of November, so maybe this was just a fight over food. I'm no deer expert, but I'm sure someone will tell me.

This fight was covered during the live stream from two different cameras. One was at the trough where you can see the fight up close and another from a wider angle where you really get the best view.


This is where I learned that deer start out fighting by butting heads and horns and then it can turn into sometime similar to watching kangaroos fight, just not quite as powerful.

Here's the best look at the fight from the wide shot.



You never know what you're going to see on the Brownville's Food Pantry For Deer's live cams.


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