Old Orchard Beach has been a tourist destination in Maine for over 100 years and a lot has changed. Ken Hendricksen posted a video to YouTube that acts as a trip back in time to when OOB looked very different, yet in many ways the same. 

The photos on the video range from 1890 to 1906 and show Old Orchard Beach in the era of horse-drawn carriages and steam locomotives.

Many of the buildings shown are gone, destroyed in a fire in the downtown area in 1907. The Fiske House, The Hotel Velvet, and Old Orchard House were all grand buildings that haven't seen anything similar in modern day.

The railroad now carries passengers in from as far away as Boston on the Amtrak Downeaster instead of steam locomotives bringing people from as all over the US and Canada. There are modern day gates and lights at the crossing where before gates were lowered manually by an attendant.

How much can you recognize in these old photos?

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