Are you looking for a new tradition to add to your holiday this year?

The USPS has launched a website so you may fulfill the requests of hundreds of low-income children who have sent letters to Santa called 'Operation Santa'.

You can sign up to adopt a letter for an individual child or choose to adopt a family.

When you head over to the website you can read letters that have been posted to the website.

What are the requests?  Here's a few I found scanning through some letters:

  • Braces
  • An Iphone 11
  • Two $10 PS4 gift cards
  • A new pair of shoes
  • New toys
  • Headphones
  • Earrings- round, gold, medium sized
  • Soccer Ball

Some of these things you wouldn't expect or maybe can't buy and do really touch your heart:

  • "Some time to play with my siblings"
  • "A new pair of shoes for dad"
  • "A real kitten"
  • "A puppy husky"
  • A pretend butterfly

Look through the letters to see if you would like to adopt one.  You can do this with your family or even start a team.  Either way, you can start a new tradition this year by getting something special for someone in need of a brighter holiday this year.

Visit the USPS Operation Santa website to read letters and learn more about how you can help out those in need.