In the darkest part of the year, we are looking for light in the Bangor area. Looking to the sky is not going to work so well right now but building it on our own is a way to get a bit more of it. There are lots of opportunities in taking in the light with displays for the public, special events, and great community contests to bring the spirit of the holidays to these long nights.

Here are a few ways to take in the light and spirit of the holidays in and around Bangor in the weeks to come.

Thursday, December 16th: Hopeful Sign Lighting

Downtown Bangor is getting ready for a new sign to be displayed that is a piece of artwork. The intent is a mindful mantra for us all to bring to the forefront of our minds now and in the future. Check out the lighting of the 'Hopeful' sing lighting in Dowtown Bangor Thursday, December 16th at 4:30 PM.

Happening now! Stillwater Light Display in Orono

Bring a headlamp or a flashlight to be able to traverse this riverwalk carefully while you take in thousands of lights along 500 feet of trail along Stillwater River in Orono. This display is up now and can be enjoyed through the rest of December. Bring an ornament with you to hang on the swap tree!


Hathaway House Lights in Veazie

Hathaway Holiday Lights Display 2021, Rick Hathaway
Hathaway Holiday Lights Display 2021, Rick Hathaway

Check out this year's location for the annual Hathaway House lights in Veazie. Take in over 70,000 lights and get out of the car to walk part of the trail. Bring a donation if you can for the Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center's NICU department. Open now!

Light Up Eastern Maine Home Holiday Lights Contest

Of course, the Z is on creating a holiday light competition that could win someone $500. You have until 12/16 to submit your picture and info. Good luck and go here to upload your photo and submit your form.

Holiday Lights Competition in Holden, Dedham, and Eddington

Open to locations within the RSU #63 school district, which includes Dedham, Holden, and Eddington, this contest has communities lighting up their towns in their front yards for prizes. The competition has already begun but you have until the 31st to get in on the creativity and Christmas cheer. Prizes will be awarded for most creative, most colorful, best book theme, and most 2021. Sign up on Facebook.

Light Up Hampden Light Competition

Final days remain to register to be part of Hampden's holiday light contest. Spread the cheer with 'All Is Bright' as your theme. Deck those halls and get your entry in before voting starts on December 15th.

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