Yesterday around 11:30 a.m. something very mysterious startled residents from New Hampshire to eastern Maine.  Did you hear it?

Most of the reports of a loud "boom" followed by a short vibration were reported in south-central New Hampshire, but according to WMUR, some people living as far away as eastern Maine reported hearing and feeling it as well.

Seems nobody knows exactly what it was.

At this point, one thing everyone knows for sure was that it wasn't was an earthquake, as the U.S. Geological Survey hasn't registered any seismic activity across New England over the past week.

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Meanwhile, numerous people reported a "loud explosion" followed by a "rattling" sound or something that resembled it to, including one person from  Nashua who reported, " I heard a very loud boom, like an explosion, it sounded like it was far off yet, sort of deep and then I felt like a quick vibration... I was with 5 of my family members and we all heard it and felt it."

One person from Bangor passed along their observation, reporting to, "We were smoking, and we do not remember hearing a loud boom or feeling any shaking in this area."

So if nothing suspicious below the earth was officially reported yesterday morning it would only make sense to then look above.

There was only one "fireball" reported in the region yesterday, and it was reported by Courtney P. from Gorham to the American Meteor Society who said it happened around 9 last night.  Although, this is not to say that a meteor entering the atmosphere in the bright of a Sunday morning in New England wasn't the source of an enormously loud boom followed by the shaking of the earth.

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