Two men were arrested this week in Bangor in separate incidents, both of which involved alleged threatening of others with weapons.

The first incident happened just before 11:00 Saturday morning, when Bangor Police responded to Corporate Drive to a report of threatening. Officers talked with the victim who said a man, later identified as 30-year-old Matthew Meszaros of Bangor, had stolen his duffel bag. The victim confronted Meszaros, who then allegedly pulled out a large knife and threatened to stab the victim. He then walked off toward a nearby wooded area.

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Police searched the woods and found a campsite where Meszaros was living. As they approached the area, Meszaros stepped out of a tent with a large knife and allegedly threatened to stab the officers. After some discussion, the man finally put the knife down and was taken into custody. Meszaros is charged with criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon and was taken to the Penobscot County Jail. He's also charged with violation of conditions of release since he was out on bail, at the time of the incident.

In a separate incident, Bangor Police responded to a campsite located at 49 Cleveland Street at around 9:00 Monday morning, after a woman reported that a man had threatened her with a tire iron and a gun. Officers searched the area and found 18-year-old Riley Soha of Chesterville in a nearby tent, where they also recovered several weapons, including a pellet rifle that was manufactured to look like an assault rifle.

Soha was taken into custody and charged with criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon. He was also charged with assault and terrorizing for a separate incident that happened around 4:00 am, in which he allegedly threatened a different female victim.

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