If you were in or around South Station in Boston on Tuesday, December 1, then you probably saw there was a ridiculous amount of hustle, bustle, and commotion going on.

Turns out, there was a film crew, extras, and two huge Hollywood superstars filming scenes for a movie.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence were filming scenes for a movie called "Don't Look Up," which is going to be a Netflix release, according to Boston.com.

The movie has Leo and Jen (I can call them that because, ya know, apparently I'm best friends with them or something -- insert eyeroll here) playing two bottom of the barrel astronomers trying to warn the world that an asteroid is about to wipe out the entire planet, the article stated.

Or, as I like to call it, probably the conclusion to 2020, because...well, 2020.

The set up was pretty interesting -- there are pictures of Jen in a clear face shield, and also pictures and video of a lot of the film crew and extras in masks, but in the same video, Leo is naked-faced (except for a STELLAR beard. Like, seriously, when you see the video at the bottom of this, you're going to be like LOOK. AT. THAT. FACIAL. HAIR. STATEMENT.)

Apparently, there were tons of sanitizing stations set up all around the filming area, including entirely separate bathrooms for what Netflix producers called Red Zone personnel -- no, not members of the NFL channel for people with the attention span of peas (it's me, I have the attention span of a pea), according to Boston.com. Red Zone personnel are the actors that are unmasked and the crew that had to be around them.

The filming was mostly centralized on Track 7, and lasted a good chunk of the day, the news site reported, and 30 extras showed up in the late morning (mostly college students -- which, hi, what a time to be alive... going to school during a pandemic and probably barely allowed to leave campus, except to rub elbows with the stars on a train.)

Apparently, there were even fans waiting around the filming location.

According to the Boston.com article, there are a ton of other superstars in the area too for the movie, including Meryl Streep, Matthew Perry (WHAT UP CHANDLER BING?!), Cate Blanchett, even Ariana Grande and a ton more, too.

Are you more interested in watching the movie because they're filming around here?

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