Trick-or-treaters were out in pretty big numbers Tuesday night, despite Bangor officials' recommendation that Halloween revelers wait until Friday, when much of the city's power is expected to be restored.

Popular destinations including Maple Street in Bangor were without power until about 8 p.m. Halloween night, but that didn't stop about 1,700 costumed visitors -- down slightly from most years -- from making the rounds.

Police on Tuesday afternoon issued a recommendation that trick-or-treaters wait until Friday to avoid any downed tree limbs and power lines left in the wake of Monday's wind storm that knocked out power to about 9,500 Bangor households and nearly 500,000 statewide. About 6,800 Bangor households were were still without power Wednesday morning.

While the city suggested the delay, police were clear that the decision rested with the parents, many of whom apparently decided Halloween would be business as usual. There were some differences this year. It seemed more kids were out earlier and most kids who were out after dark came prepared with flashlights.

Based on the city's recommendation, some households -- particularly if the home had no power -- opted to wait until Friday to hand out candy. Many didn't, however, so the question becomes: Will Bangor have TWO Halloweens?

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