Nobody would expect a three year old to conspire in a prank that would reference a dark iconic Stephen King book/movie.

But that was what this mother encountered when she caught her three year old looking down the sink drain of their bathroom.

In the Stephen King book, recently remade movie, 'It', an entity, that usually takes the form of the clown Pennywise prays on children, attracting them by playing on their fears.

The first victim of Pennywise is "Georgie", a six-year-old of King's made-up Maine town, Derry.  Pennywise first lures Georgie in by saying, "Hi, Georgie."

Later on in the movie, a girl is drawn to a sink in her home's bathroom that eventually spews out blood.

The Twitter mother's story continues where her three-year-old is talking to the drain, saying "Hi, Georgie."

The twitter user, @BorntoBriWild, tells us her next step that, despite "her better judgement" takes a peek at what has her daughter's attention.

Once the mother identified what was happening she shared her story on twitter on Thursday, even sending the tweet to Stephen King and Ellen.

And for those parents that have been there and need a true conclusion to the story- the toy was taken out of the sink and is back in the hands of the pint-sized owner.

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