From a serial killer, to a ghostly apparition, to a strange beast lurking in the woods; Maine has been the setting for movie-grade nightmare fuel.

The home-state of the King of Horror has been the backdrop for plenty of horror movies. Many of Stephen King's novels turned movies, like IT and Storm of the Century, are set in Maine. Other flicks like Lake Placid, The Uninvited, Black Rock, Island Zero and The Lighthouse, are also set in the Pine Tree State.

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How about these true stories turned horror flicks?

True Events That Happened In Maine That Should Be Made Into Horror Movies

From time to time you see a local headline that reads like the synopsis to a horror movie. Maine has seen its fair share of grizzly murders, ghost stories, and possible proof of cryptid beats in the woods. While some stories may be hard to prove true, their basis is believable enough to live in infamy in local folklore. Here are five movie-grade events that happened in Maine that we'd watch if turned into a horror flick.

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