According to a list made by Travel Channel, Maine isn't a very haunted state.

Apparently Maine doesn't have much of anything that goes bump in the night. You'd think being the home to Stephen King would give us a little spooky-street-cred. Nope. According to a list ranking the most haunted states in the country, Maine ties for 43rd. REALLY?


Now before we rip this ranking, Travel Channel based its findings on data from shows like Ghost Adventures, Kindred Spirts, and Portals To Hell. All of these shows have never filmed in Maine, with the partial exception of Kindred Spirts. Host, Amy Bruni, investigated Fort Knox back when she was on Ghost Hunters as a member of TAPS.

Back to Maine tying for 43. Maine ties with Maryland, North Dakota, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Nebraska. The write-up says this of Maine:

"Mary Nasson was known to be a witch, and after she was buried, they placed a large stone over her grave to make sure she couldn’t rise up during the night. At the Old Straw House, Hannah Straw was buried underneath the kitchen’s floorboards and her apparition is still seen regularly. The Wadsworth-Longfellow House in the seaside town of Portland is now a museum that offers tours of Maine’s history. And don’t be too shocked if you happen to hear and see some ghosts of the past. The house is one of Maine’s most haunted."

So essentially, their search of hauntings stopped at Portland. About 30 minutes north is the reportedly haunted Joshua Chamberlain Museum in Brunswick. North of Brunswick, is the wicked haunted Vassalboro Mill. Far western Maine is home to the haunted Parsonsfield Seminary. Further north is very haunted Fort Knox, and basically all of Bucksport for that matter. Bangor is full of hauntings, like the Thomas Hill Standpipe, Thomas A. Hill House, The Bangor Opera House, and Mount Hope Cemetery. Maybe after we see what Travel Channel's show Destination Fear finds "in the Bangor area" we'll find the 207 bump up the list.

The show's host Dakota Laden recently said in an Instagram post, "While filming in the Bangor Maine area....We had to stop off at the Stephen King house and take some pictures. I was geeking out SO HARD !!!" The visit will be part of the show's third season. So far, there's no expected air date for the new season. You can catch the show on Travel Channel, or streaming on Discovery +.

We'll wrap this up with a little "feel good" for our bruised ego. According to data from, at 56 sightings per every 100,000 people, Maine has the highest frequency of ghost sightings in the country. In particular, Sanford residents have reported 23 different ghost sightings or encounters since 2005.

In past 15 years, there's been 758 ghost sightings or encounters reported in Maine. When compared to state populations, Maine ranks highest in reported ghost sightings per-capita compared to the rest of the country.

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