No. This isn't an onion article. This is real life.

I am sitting here during my workday trying to find something to write about to entertain the masses and this is what I found.

This is #1 on YouTube's trending list right now. It was submitted by our favorite Iowan DuckSoss. It was uploaded on April 2nd and filmed at "the highest point of the great state of Iowa", according to the video description.  As of 10:23 AM EST on April 4th it has 1.2 million views.

Why? I don't know. There is obviously nothing extraordinary or riveting about this one shot, 24-second video. Let's break it down.

This guy is what your grandmother would probably have called an "All-American" boy. Because he is a resident of a Midwestern state, this makes this more of a fact than your grandmother's assumption. He's got no particular style-sense but we don't mind since his hosting skills are confident, sarcastic and nonchalant.

Additionally, he does have that down home grit that makes him stand up to the wind pretty well. He has nice clean hands, too.

Let's call him Duck. Duck is just saying hi, trying to keep Iowa top of mind as an existing state but shows us Iowa's great landscapes consisting of 2 1/2 fields of barren corn fields and maybe a windmill.

That could be the windmill. Credit: Video still from DuckSoss via YouTube.
That could be the windmill. Credit: Video still from DuckSoss via YouTube.

Yes, I transcribed it.

Hi, everyone.  It's your favorite Iowan here.  Did you forget we're a state?  Nope, we still exist.  Just wanted to give you a quick 5 course meal on what the state has to offer.  Just out yonder we got some cornfields.  And just out over there we have some cornfields.  Just beyond that point right over there we got more cornfields and possibly a wind mill.  Alright, see you next presidential election when we become relevant again.

Maybe it's the delivery that is making it popular. Or maybe it's the lack of luster that makes it #1 on the trending list. Perhaps the pointlessness is what we need right now in a news cycle that never ends.

Thank you, Duck, for your contribution to this world of chaos. Not only did you make #1 on YouTube's trending list but you made #1 in the hearts of all Americans who just need a little reprieve right now.

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