You want to know how to instantly make 90% of the American male population of Facebook lose their dang minds? Mention to them that the new Top Gun: Maverick trailer is out and then count the seconds until the ridiculous grins and looks of excitement hit their faces! Its kind of awesome; Like Christmas for an entire generation of dudes who grew up wanting to be fighter pilots because of this iconic movie.

And I have to admit, although not a dude, I'm pretty sure that same look hit my face while watching it. Chills. I actually got chills when I heard Ed Harris's voice! As the shots of he, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Ham and Tom Cruise crossed the screen, I couldn't help but get excited for not only the movie to come out next year, but for how much I think people will enjoy it.

With blockbuster producer Jerry Bruckheimer back at the helm producing the sequel, and many of the original players signed on to repeat their legendary roles, it's almost a guaranteed hit right out of the gate. And now men who were mere boys in 1986, when the first Top Gun came out, get to relive their childhood fantasies once again, 33 years later! And I personally think that's kind of cool.

I don't know of a single one of my male friends who, when flipping through the channels and randomly landing on Top Gun, regardless of how far into the movie it is, would dare change the station. It must be some sort of "guy code"? I am hoping this second installation will help create those strong feelings of nostalgia, wonder and good old American pride that seem to be synonymous with the film.

And from the buzz coming out of Comic-Con, where the trailer debuted this past week, the aerial scenes are said to be simply amazing. In fact, in an article put out by Yahoo about the newest installment of Top Gun, Tom Cruise is quoted as calling the sequel "a love letter to aviation...I really wanted to give you all an experience of what it’s like to be in that aircraft." The article also mentions Val Kilmer will reprise his role as "Ice Man", although we'll have to wait for when the movie comes out to see him, as he doesn't show up in the trailer.

Top Gun: Maverick is set to hit the theaters June 26th of 2020.

Take a look for yourself.

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