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Tom Cruise to Film a Movie in Outer Space

Tom Cruise is about to make history by going where no actor has gone before: outer space! The actor is teaming up with Elon Musk's SpaceX to film a movie in space and yes, and NASA is fully on board with this.

Not Social Distancing? Yeah, We're Judging You

A new survey conducted by PhoneSoap reveals that 51% of Americans look down on others who are ignoring social distancing guidelines. According to the survey, the vast majority of respondents have become hyper-aware of their cleanliness in the wake of COVID-19; 72% are even washing their hands every single time after using their phone. (via StudyFinds)

How Often You Should Be Washing your Bed Sheets

Since we are in the middle of a global pandemic, hygiene is more important than ever. Before the pandemic, experts suggested washing bedding on a weekly basis. Dermatologists even say that pillow cases should get changed about three times a week. Now that we're in "pandemic times," we should double our efforts—meaning, if you washed your bed sheets weekly before, you should increase that to twice a week. (via WPST)

Nike Donates 30,000 Shoes and 95,000 Socks to Front Line Health Care Workers

Nike has pledged to donate 30,000 shoes and 95,000 socks to front line health care workers who are working during the pandemic. The brand recognizes the need for hospital staffers to have something to wear that is comfortable since they spend hours on their feet daily. Nike says it will be donating pairs of Air Zoom Pulses to several health care facilities across the U.S. (via TMZ)

Artists Who Got Injured While Performing

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