UPDATE: This event has been postponed. A make-up date will be announced.

Shop till ya drop, with a cop!

It's been a rough year for everyone, but there are some things that just bring a smile to your face, especially when it involves helping those less fortunate have a great holiday season.

It's Tuesday December 8th, and that means our friends at the Bangor Police Department will hold their annual "Shop with a Cop Event" at Target, on Hogan Road In Bangor. It's sponsored by C&L Aviation. Students from the Bangor School System will have the opportunity to shop for themselves, or friends & family, and C&L is generously picking up the tab!

Last week, Bangor PD gave notification to the kids by delivering their gift baskets which also contained a "Charie And The Chocolate Factory", type of golden ticket, that allows them to enjoy all the fun!

At 5PM this afternoon, officers will partner with the kids, along with a C&L employee, to shop for the gifts, wrap them and deliver them before Christmas Day!

Last year, they took 13 underprivileged children from the Bangor School Department shopping at Target store shopping for everything on their Christmas list. The kids bought gifts for themselves, their siblings, and in some cases their parents. They were able to freely roam the store, grab the items, give out the gifts, and not have to worry about how to pay for them.

The following night the families and children were all invited back to the Police Station where they had a wrapping party, with pizza, homemade baked goods, and lots of holiday cheer. Thankfully the event last year was filmed for all of us to enjoy, and we look forward to seeing photos and video from the event today.

Happy Holidays, and many thanks to the men and women of the Bangor Police Department, and the amazing generosity of C&L Aviation.

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