Here's to trying!

Reader's Digest has a magic list of suggestions that could get you out of that speeding ticket that you may find yourself trying to get out of.  Here are some simple things that could make the situation not so bad.

1.  Just don't speed

This will get you out of any speeding ticket because you shouldn't be getting one if you're abiding the law.  But, there are occasions when maybe you forget the speed limit or you're not paying attention that is perfectly human.

2. Wave hello

So, let's say you did speed and you get pulled over.  No matter your feels, just start your interaction with the officer with a simple wave.  This will show the officer you are friendly and want to set the tone as an amicable event.  And, it's a nice thing to do.

3. Don't say "I'm Sorry I Was Speeding"

Frankly, if you were that sorry you wouldn't have been speeding.  You're just sorry you got caught.  Don't add lying to your list of wrongs with this officer, it'll only make things worse.

4. Have your documents ready

There's a good span of time between the time that an officer will pull you over to him approaching your window.  During that time, get your license, registration and insurance card out.  You know that the officer will ask for it and, in some cases, sometimes just having that stuff ready will be enough for an officer just to give you a warning.  Plus, it saves time and shows that you are willing to take responsibility for what transpired.

5. Ask "Would you consider a warning today?"

If you are being respectful of the officer, why not ask for a warning.  Sometimes just asking gets you what you want.  Don't expect an "okay", however, and be grateful if they do take you up on your request.

Other suggestions:

  • Ask the officer how their day is going
  • Ask "Is it OK if I get my wallet out?"
  • Just don't be a jerk, they're doing their job and you broke the law

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