What is the story behind the "most hated song on TikTok"?

Chances are, you've probably heard the viral song entitled "My Crown" by user @XoBrooklynne, real name Brooklynne Webb. The social media influencer first rose to fame through her lifestyle videos about beauty, vlogging and everything in between. She has amassed over 623 million likes and 10.1 million followers on the platform.

The 17-year-old dropped the song on Dec. 8 as her debut single. The internet became divided on her voice and the song's lyrics. While some praised her for doing what makes her happy others compared it to Rebecca Black's "Friday" and said that it was a flop. About 2/3 of the comments were negative on the clips of her performing the track.

Webb said that she dedicated the song to all of her haters on the app and co-wrote the song with Lauren Frawley and producers Jillian Rossi and Alec Zeilon.

"Ten million people love to love me sweet like caramel / And all the haters don’t know that I got them under a spell," she sang in the tune.

“I’ve been still getting continuously the same hate and general dislike of myself for anything I do,” Webb told NBC News. “So, about nine months ago, I came up with this idea: What if I did a song but almost make it more of a satirical, fun thing?”

On Dec. 18, Webb confirmed that the song was a satirical joke. She uploaded a YouTube video entitled “How trolling gave me a music career.” She explained in the video that she first thought of the brilliant idea back in September of 2020 and then later approached her managers about the concept in April 2021.

Webb said that she is not a professional singer but is "not as horrendous of a singer as I make myself look on TikTok.”

She shared that she “never expected for it to ever be this big or for people to be this invested,” but thanked her followers that were supportive. Once fans, haters and followers discovered her plan all along, some praised her for shining a spotlight on bullying while others praised her marketing tactic.

Watch the music video, below.

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