There would be absolutely no doubt that you'd be riding in style with this baby!

Check out this 1976 Cadillac Coupe DeVille hardtop that's for sale in Columbia, Maine. Oh yeah, just imagine getting dressed up in your Sunday best next summer for a long-extended ride down the coast in this mammoth machine of yesteryear.

The owner lists the car as being in overall great shape and it certainly is a pretty machine that's powered by a Cadillac 500 v-8 engine.  It's got big comfy leather seats and the interior is accented with wood grain.  It even has the original Cadillac floor mats that came with the vehicle. The car's outside is the beautiful and somewhat nautical color of Turquoise and sports with a white vinyl top. The chrome is also in very good condition with no "pits."

Check out the photos, the car looks pretty good for being almost 45 years old.  The current mileage is 58432.

1976 Cadillac Coupe Deville


It also has brand new tires with HUGE whitewalls and the car has been aligned recently as well. It has an AM/FM radio, but unfortunately the 8-trak tape player doesn't work, which could be a big time deal breaker for any fan of classic rock.

Now just imagine you and your honey driving along route 1 and then pulling up to your favorite take-out shack next summer for a lobster roll. People sitting there at the picnic tables will think that you're some big wig in town for an extended vacation at that compound on the shore.

This pristine machine is currently for sale on, and the latest bid at this writing is $9.025!  But if you're interested you better get to it, as it looks like bidding ends tomorrow.

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