As residents of Maine, we know many towns have the pretty sides and not-so-pretty sides.  We see our towns through all seasons, light of day and weather conditions that can all inspire and summon beauty.

But the editors of Architecture Digest have chosen each states prettiest town based on the buildings that inhabit the town as well as it's surrounding nature.  The magazine starts it's list stating:

From the East Coast to all the way to the West, we have listed are our favorites, with special love for small towns that are also abundant in culture.

So, what has been chosen as Maine's Prettiest Town?



Located in Hancock County, this island town is a quintessential example of a side of Maine that embodies our lifestyle. The town shows off our Down East culture of hardworking lobstermen and fishermen that happens side-by-side with the rugged natural beauty of the Maine coast.  It's a picturesque seaport and it is quite deserving of a bold title like 'The Prettiest Town In Maine'.

Other New England towns that made the cut includes Edgartown, Massachusetts, Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Stowe, Vermont.

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