Now that single-use plastic bags are officially banned in the State of Maine, it's time to rid your household of the things don't bring you joy and recycle those suckers.

There's one Maine law that's been in effect for some time that has actually made it easier for us to recycle our single-use plastic bags by returning them to where we got them.

The Maine Department of Environment Protection states that many of the retailers who provide the single-use bags must also provide a place for consumers to recycle the bags, "By law, retailers in Maine that offer any type of exempted single-use plastic bags for customers to bag products within the store such as produce, deli, or bakery items, flowers, plants, etc. must provide a receptacle to recycle plastic bags, either within the store or within 20 feet of the main entrance of the store."

So, if you are feeling ready to clean house of the banned single-use bags in your home, you can visit, type in your ZIP code and find the closest or most convenient location near you to start anew.

Bangor has 21 locations listed which include Hannaford, Walmart, Lowes, Kohls, Target and Shaws stores.

Portland's 04101 ZIP code returned 52 locations which includes Hannaford, Lowes, Kohls, Walmart, Target, Shaws, Market Basket, and the Alfred Transfer Station.

Lewiston's 04240 ZIP code returned 47 locations in the search which includes Hannaford, Lowes, Kohls, Target, Walmart, and the Jay Regional Recycling Facility and Transfer Station.

Find the your nearest location by entering in your ZIP code here or to see what plastics can be recycled. And, for more information about the new single-use plastic bag ban that takes effect today, visit the Maine Department of Environmental Protections webpage about the ban.

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