There was no mistaking it, the sounds of a ruckus coming from woods, and when all was said and done, the victim became the victor.

Emmett the rooster lives in Hancock, and he and four other roosters have "free-range" of the property.  All five roosters are of good nature according to their owner, Kim Ford, and that's why they "get to stay." The boys spend most of their day rooting around while the hens are detained within a coop for safe keeping.

Kim tells us, "I know when the sun rises and is anywhere else in the sky - they crow a lot, day and night, and I think they sometimes have competitions! Not sure how the neighbors feel about it but they're pretty far away."

But this week something extraordinary happened to Emmett while he was casually grazing in the yard.  A bird identified as a Northern Goshawk came down from above and scooped him up, taking him into the woods. Little did the unwanted bird of prey who came out of nowhere know what he had gotten himself into.

The sound of an attack from afar was unmistakable, when suddenly like a runaway train the Goshawk flew out of the woods with Emmett not far behind while sounding the alert for all to hear.

"We didn't see any blood but found lots of Emmett's feathers in the woods", Kim told us via Facebook. "I checked the big boy out and he had one big and one small bald spot on his back. No puncture wounds, not even a scratch, just bare skin."


Looking over the feathers left behind at the scene in the woods Kim Ford was very impressed with Emmett, as some of her chickens had been taken away and killed previously by hawks in the past. "Emmett is a sweet rooster and my favorite boy. He rocks", she told us. We think that he also kicks some serious ass as well.

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