Lobster roll? Naw, we'll take a lobster taco!

The staple summertime treat in Maine is a good ol' lobster roll. Highroller Lobster Co has taken this treat and kicked it up a notch.

What used to be a secret menu item is now becoming one of their most popular creations.

The lobster taco shell is made by crisping cheese and bacon on a flattop grill. They're then folded and filled with fresh Maine lobster, and topped with red pepper and jalapeno mayo!

The lobster taco has even evolved into a lobster cheese crisp cone! TAKE ALL OUR MONEY! Highroller Lobster Co's menu also includes lobster rolls and even lobster grilled cheese sandwiches!

Recently, Insider Food showed off this melty Maine masterpiece on their Facebook page. It's since gained over two million views!

The food cart travels around the Portland area all summer. To get your hands on one of these bad boys follow them on Instagram, Facebook or at their website.

Pro Tip: Nothing beats a lobster taco and a Bissell Brothers beer. If you happen to catch Highroller Lobster Co at Bissell Brothers Brewing pair it with their Substance Ale. You're welcome!

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