There are so many choices when it comes to a Christmas tree. Real or artificial? White or colored lights? Big or small? Everyone has their own vision of what a Christmas tree should be for them. For me growing up, it was always an artificial tree with colored lights, old fashioned Christmas ornaments and every year until I moved out of the house, ornaments I made in kindergarten out of egg cartons. Mom always made sure they were there every year.

So I asked my friends on Facebook to share pictures of their Christmas tree and I got over 80 photos. They all look great and most were very traditional. Typical ornaments, lights, size and color. However five of these trees really stood out to me as being totally unique.

Take a look at these five trees that take a sharp turn from the traditional to be something special and unique to these families throughout the Christmas season.

Five Unique Christmas Trees in Mainers Homes

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