When my wife Sherry and I rented cabins on private campgrounds in the past, we used to have to put up with snide comments from the other folks staying there. You know that "Hey, smells real good over there" observation, with plenty of disapproval in their tone.

Yup, you guessed it. We are cannabis consumers enjoying all the medically therapeutic benefits and of course, we love to be stoned.

Well now it looks we can visit a summer retreat right here in Maine without any worry of being looked down on as those potheads that make the campground smell like a skunk just got run over. Yessuh. No more hassles from intolerant tourists.

It's called Camp Laughing Grass and it's in the Sebago Lakes Region. I can't wait to tell my wife about this place. We love visiting that area in the summertime and you already heard about how much we love the other stuff.

The description on their website is very inviting for folks who like to get baked and enjoy Maine's beautiful outdoors.

"The 17+ Acre property is home to 670ft of Private Shoreline along Historic Crooked River. Perfect for floating, fishing, kayaking, or cannoning. Hiking and Biking trails also on site.
Kayaks and Canoe Rentals available.
We are nestled in between the Scenic Downtowns of Naples and Bridgton, Maine."

They also have very cool names for the cabins that are available to rent, all identified as cannabis strains like White Widow Cabin, Acapulco Gold Cabin and Granddaddy Purple Cabin. Purple has always been my favorite color so you can imagine which one I'm going to try and get booked for us someday.

According to their Facebook page, Camp Laughing Grass in Harrison will be open for 21+ campers this year on May 28. We'll be able to start booking a reservation beginning on March 15.

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