Kid and Sarah chatted about New Year Resolutions listing the top resolutions made by people for 2020.  They also chatted about their own New Year Resolutions and ones they've made in the past.

The top New Year's resolutions for 2020 according to a new survey has revealed the most popular resolutions that people have made for the new year:

On the list of the most popular resolutions this year, include:

1. Actually doing my New Year's resolution

2. Trying something new

3. Eat more of my favorite foods

4.Lose weight/diet

5. Go to the gym

6. Be happier/ better mental health

7. Be more healthy

8. Be a better person

9. Upgrade my technology

10. Staying motivated

One tip for a new year

Did you make a New Year Resolution this year?

Is committing to one big resolution hard for you?  Try the 12 micro resolutions trick.  Basically you break your big goal up into 12 bite sized, month long goals.  All of these goals are used to make progress toward your big goal.  This might be a more 'digestable' solution for those who get intimidated by committing to one big resolution like losing weight or getting rid of debt.

Let us know, have you made a New Year's Resolution this year?

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